update your bucket list: 18 must see Design Museums

It is both intimidating and comforting knowing just how much creative work has been produced. So much talent; some feels like an unattainable standard and yet the volume of talent reassures my logical mind that I too could join the ranks. I want to gobble it all up, so I can simultaneously feed the fear and fuel the inspiration.

Ah! That happy place that is a museum! Those altars of worship where the blood and sweat of brave creatives is celebrated. It is such a privilege to be able to experience the work that they have poured their souls into, and such a wonderful world where this stuff of life can be accessed by others who ‘get it’. Connection. It takes you to a place that hums in harmony with the reason for being, not easily articulated but strongly felt.

Full credit goes to CreativeBloq and editor/ journalist Nick Carson for this brilliant article listing 18 of the of best design museums. The bucket list just got an update.

These tend to be the bigger of the design museums so hopefully with some research and networking this list will grow. Please share your snaps and suggestions for museums to visit below.

Read the article HERE



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