and the lights came on

Just last Sunday I watched ‘Dries’, a nice little documentary on the designer Dries van Outen. It was like waking up.

I had forgotten I could be so passionate, so inspired; that I wanted to be more and do great things. I had completely lost sight of the original me because of the fog of being a grown up and the effort for just the day-to-day. But the lights has been switched back on, so I can see again.

My ideas and inspiration sit like forgotten boxes in an attic, gathering dust. But I am not going to look back on my life and regret, because I was too anxious and afraid to fail. So I am started here with some ramblings – I will be using this to catalogue my ideas/ inspirations/ research, with the aim to learn more and develop my passion. Who knows where it will lead, but at least we can take comfort in knowing it starts here.


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